Le Beginning:

The company, founded by Arrigo Perini, Cornelio's father and brilliant car repairer (his "creation", the "Scoiattolo", a small cross-country vehicle, became extremely popular in the 60s), has operated in the field of car-body repairing for over fifty years. ( clicca qui)

he tradition is carried on now by the son, Cornelio Perini, born in Riva del Garda 4 maggio 1961, married to Sandra and father of the twins Giorgia and Diana and Alessia. For about fifteen years he has combined traditional work (car-body repairing and the application of sunroofs to vehicles) with his natural passion for design and painting.

  The Course:

From 1985 Cornelio's personalized freehand drawings carried out with the mere aid of an airbrush, excluding all other artificial devices, have given birth to unique works of art.

USA Formation: Cornelio's artistic growth followed his visit, in 1990, to the United States, the "native land of the airbrush". In Manhattan, Florida and California he visited art museums and studied painting materials, colors, shapes and shades.


After his American "adventure" he attended the renowned German School of Design founded by Walter Maurer, where he was given the chance of discussing comparisons with other international artists.

Such important experiences led him to express successfully his artistic nature on all different surfaces.

Over the last few years Cornelio's works have been on display in various International Exhibitions, where, on request, drawings were also executed live, thus awakening the interest of the audience, the press and the media.



Workshops and specialized training courses for apprentice have been organized over the last few years in co-operation with the Job Center in Trento (see the section dedicated to drawing workshops). Worth mentioning is also Cornelio's realization of personalized crash helmets for numerous sportsmen and world champions.